Life Like

Life Like Screen Shot_cr01.jpg

_As soon as I read Josh Janowitz’s script for Life Like I said, “I have to cut this film.” It has a great take on the helper robot story. It goes places that I had never seen a robot story go.

_I think one of the big victories in the editing of this film is at different points the audience feels completely behind each character and that sympathy shifts as the relationships twist. You’re behind James, then Sophie, then Henry, then James again, then Sophie again… Through the nuances and options in performances, we were able to craft and choreograph the story to create what we feel is a fun experience. And it’s only added to with Katy Jarzebowski’s haunting beautiful score.

_And I can say that I delivered this film on time, on budget, without inflated VFX or other post demands. We stuck to a plan and followed it through. Working with Saboteur on the finishing aspects was a pleasure. Sound mixer Mike Suarez & colorist Nat Jencks were total pros. And Lionsgate is a prefect home for it.

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James LeSage